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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Since i've been gone!!!

Hello loyal web friends!!! Here i am letting you know i'm ok:) So many things had happen this past months and i want to share a lil bit of it with u guys!!! I'm single now, yeah, 3 months had gone and day by day feeling lot better!!!At first it was really hard dealing with the sadness and the emptiness but we have to move on. I apreciate and value all the times i share with that person, it was a great relationship and i'm happy cuz of that. We talk few times and have go out few times, we both know we have a pretty relationship and sharing those moments with that person were the best. But is time to move on!!!! :) Continue with our life and our plans right??

This time has been less hard for me cuz of my friends and my family, i feel so bless all this ppl have been there for me and let me tell you my friends are The best!!! So this last months i have been working hard, doing lots of new things, thanxs to time and ppl the healing process have been lot easier!! So guys here i am...Building up my new world, meeting lots of new ppl and having a great time!!Enjoy the pics!!

Aybil, Zahira, Marimar and Ill partying at BRAVA!

Ill, Marimar and i on a bday party!!! What a night ;)

Partying with old friends!!

Love this girls!!

Last weekend with Aybil!!

With my friends from work @ Chili's jeje been bad girls!!!

This weekend we are gonna go partying for Halloween and we are so excited cuz of our costumes!! I will take pcis and share with u :) Thanxs for all the visits no matter what and for been worried...I'm doing fine guys!!!!


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