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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Bye bye 2005...Hello 2006!!!

Hi my friends, im back around'here cuz i got a laptop for xmas :) so expect me around here more often. So here i am cuz i want to make the last post of 2005 and share with all of you a review of my 2005. Enjoy it and HAVE A WONDERFULL NEW YEAR :)

My 2005:

Get lot closer with my dad and my sis.
Met Marimar, Migdi, Sharon, Dalia and Ilianie, til today great friends.
Alex broke up with me.
Learn how to deal with the broken heart and keep on moving.
Decided to do my master in Spain.
My sis got pregnant :)
My cousin Nahomi came back to PR and we become the bestest friends ever, inseparable.
Aybil and i finished the salsa lessons.
Met lots of new ppl, learn to get tough and to establish my boundaries.
Build up my new world.
Attend to lots of activities and parties.
Have the best 25 years bday ever!!!
Robi concert, RBD concert, Enanitos Verdes concert.
Gave my car to my mom.
Get the ipod mini and laptop i wanted.
Establish a stronger relationship with my family and closest friends.
Learn and accept other ppls points of views.
Get interested in yoga and reiki.
Music and dance still my passions.
Receive lots of compliments.
Enjoy the silence.
My great grandmother died.
Have one of the best Halloween costumes ever.
Stomach problems were part of my year.
Still a virgin.
Kiss a guy I barely know.
For the first time I got the hair really long and I’m loving it.
Getting the “mannequin body" award.
Met again with friends from elementary and high school.
Grow professionally.
Learn how to be by myself and still enjoying it.
Loving pictures and memories.
Reject few job offers.
Gain lots of confidence.
Really thankful for a year full of experiences.
Into fashion, TV, magazines and movies.
Met an online buddy I have since few years ago.
Having the skin I always wanted.
Loving my doggie and my mom always!!!
Did great job interviews.
Learn that and ex can be a good friend.
Sing at karaoke’s.
Did some social work.
I realize I have been blessed with the best ppl around me.
Started drinking lots of water.
Accept my mom's boyfriend.
Learn about new types of music.
Exercise is a must.
Laugh so hard it hurts and cry so much it hurts.
Obsess with shopping.
Hang out at places I never been before.
Went to the beach during winter season.
Love the word "muppet" and a friend laugh.
Did lots of babysitting.
Miss so much my cousin Tut and my online buddies.
Realize guys can be really bad players and how to deal with them and delete them :)
The Oc and HP my most faves.
Love the Memories of a Geisha Book.
Took my digi cam everywhere.
Stay up till next day talking with a friend.
Sing really loud and loose my voice.
Started drinking Corona Extra Beer with lemon of course.
Getting home after 4 am, jejeje!!!
Open a new bank account for my master and got my credit.
Got anxious and nervous over a phone call.
Help and support my friends as much as I can.
Try to save more $$$.
Miss and love GOD!!!

Muacks!! :)

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