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Sunday, March 26, 2006

I needed some fun time after the situation with a flat tire and the ex, jeje so i went to a launching of a new car at the Caribe Hilton, with few friends, the place was gorgeous, lots of ppl, cute boys, free food and beverage:)

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Having fun with my friends.

Last Thursday, after been in the hospital since 8 am, my sis gave birth at 4:01 pm to a beautiful baby boy. Sebastián :) he weight 7 lbs and 20 1/2 long:) He's adorable, i started crying when i get to see my sis after giving birth, i was so happy and excited. The baby boy is adorable, jejeje all of our family and friends who visit my sis were all so happy, my dad, my mom and my sis husband are defenitly in love with the boy, i am too!! I'm gonna be the best auntie, i wanna spend all the time i can with him, since i'm planning to go to Spain and since they are moving to Miami:( Alex went to the hospital to see the baby boy and my sis, he also became an uncle the next day, his brother wife was also expecting a baby and he was born the next day Sebastián was born:) Alex said he was sorry about his attitude the day of the flat tire, he has been calling me since the situation, i just want us to stay friends but i also wanna keep him far since sometimes it's still affects me.

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Sebastián with his auntie.

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He sleeps a lot.

On Friday i went to work, i have to admit i'm not paying much attention at work, with the birth of the baby, i have been in cloud nine like Nicole says:) But i have to put my mind back into the work since i don't want anything to be messed up. After work i get home, take a bath and take my mom to the hospital to stay with my sis, that day my sis have in her room like 8 ppl, jeje was so much fun:) On saturday i went to the hospital again to pick my mom, the baby boy was there at the room so my sis husband and i change him, so cute, jeje but it takes us lots of time, jeje The doctor came and he explain us a lot of things about the baby since we are all dealing with a new born for the 1rst time. They let my sis and the baby boy out of the hospital:) WOJOOOO Then i came home, have cereal and get ready as fast as i can since it was Nerylin's wedding!!!

Everything was so pretty, the ceremony and the party were really nice. Nerylin's a friend of mine since high school, friends from high school also friends from college were at the wedding and at the reception!! We have a great time, we dance a lot a lot, my feet's hurt so much, since i love dancing i barely get rest. I'm so happy everytime i hang out wth my friends from high school, the best thing is that nothing had changed between all of us:) We are going to party next friday:) Ruben invited me to a party last night, i was planing to go after the wedding recepction, but when i came home and get a bath, ufff i was so tired i stay here. He has invited me to few parties but we never get the chance to plan it right. Alex call me last night too, he also invited me to the beach but i was at the wedding.

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With Ill and Biby :) I love my dress!!

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Few of my friends from high school taking a break from dancing!

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The newlyweds :)

Today i'm gonna do few stuffs around the house, do my hair and my nails and go to my sis house to help her with the baby:)GOT TO GO NOW GUYS!!!LOVES!!

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Right now i'm at home listening to Matisyahu cd!! I love his music and i'm so glad i get the cd:) So today is saturday and i already do few things, fil up mi tax form:) I'm gonna get $$ back, wojooo and make a chicken dip for a bachelorette party i have tonight!! I have been everywhere but here. Sorry guys but if you have live journal post ur links so i can add u, is friends only so guys let me know!!

2006 started and it has been great, is already March, time is flying!! I'm excited and scared at the same time since on May i got to send out all the papers for my master @ Spain, so lately i have been doing this and that filling up lots of papers, passport, pictures, diplomas, curriculum vitae, welll i need to have everything ready to send it out!!!

I have been working a lot too, all my clients are actives so i have been doing tons tons of stuffs at work :) Love life is on hiatus, just having fun with my friends and meeting lots of new ppl :) I'm gonna be an auntie for the 1rst time really soon!! :) The baby is coming soon, my sis is almost on her 9h month, so we all are expecting and really alert:) And guess who's gonna be the baby godmother???YAYYY AUNTIEEEE ZAHIRA!!!WOOOOT-WOOT!!So we have to take few classes before the baptism :)

Weekends are full of actvities and parties and i'm having so much fun, i like been single :) but i have to admit sometimes i miss the hugs and kisses but wowwww guys it has been almost 8 month since Alex broke up with me and i'm so proud of myself and proud of both of us. We have talk few times, we still talk to each other and have gone out, we care for each other and still good friends, let's see if we can keep it this way!!!

Well guys that was a lil update, let me know how all of u are doing??? Remember, if u have lj let me know:)


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