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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Always on the move!!!

Finally @ home, i just came from my friend Aybil's house it has been a while since we hang out, she was doing BBQ and we talked and talked about what's up with each one, everytime we are together we have so much fun, we act crazy and dance and act really goofy:) This week, guess what? Busy as always!!! Always in the move, is kind of tiring but i'm use to it and i like it:) Each day after work except friday i went to my sis, auntie duties:) Love been with the baby and help my sis, i don't want to miss any step of the babies growth:)

On monday and tuesday i was doing a media tour for one client, it was really nice and creative, we organize an Easter Bunny tour, a guy was dressed with an Easter Bunny costume and handed out cookies and baskets at the medIa offices:) So monday and tuesday i was out of the office. On tuesday night Alex came home, he needed help with an exam for a college class. On wednesday i ask the day off at work since i needed to go to few places to fill some papers for the master @ Spain, i went with my friend Marimar, it was a lil stressful going to all the offices, do this and do that, but we finally did it :) FEW MORE STEPS CLOSER:) That night i went to the movies with my friends Marimar and Ilianie, we watch Ice Age The Meltdown:) it was really funny, jeje we all like it:) On thursday night i met with few friends from college at this really great restaurant, we ate a lot, the food was deliciuos, Tierra de Fuego:) That night i realize i have been eating lot more, i have gain few pounds but i'm so happy cuz i'm now almost getting to my healthy weight, ppl had told my i look great since few moths ago i was too thin:)

On friday i decided to stay at home, my friends wanted me to go out with them but i needed to rest, i stay at home and i feel so glad i watched some tv and relax. During saturday i do some stuffs around the house, went to the mall, i buy this cute pair of black shoes, and 2 adorable clothes for my lovely nephew:) I have lunch with my mom and her boyfriend and at night i went to Shannan's with my friends. At first i feel kind of weird since i get there really early and my friends weren't there yet, so i was kind of bored until they get there and then the party started!!! We sing, dance and have few drinks, met lots of ppl, my cousin was also there and i was so happy since last week i didn't see her. I was so happy my friends from work; Alexandra and Migdi went there, this girls barely go out and they went there to hang out with me and they like the place and have a great time.

Today i woke up cuz my cousin called me to go to Old San Juan, but i didn't go with her since i neede to buy few stuffs, so i went ot 2 different malls, get few stuffs for the nephew baptims, get new and comfy bras and then get to the other mall to get a bracelet and a necklace this really talented women make specially for me, i really love her designs and now i have another accesories designer, wojoooo :) I went to Video Avenue and rent Crash and Pride and Prejudice. I watched Crash with my mom and her boyfriend and we really like it, all the stories are really good and the performances were amazing, now i know why the movie won "Best movie" at the Oscars. After the movie i decided to run, i put on my exercise outfit and my tenis shoes, put on my ipod mini and started runnign 30 minutes in my urbanization. It's feels great, exercising and letting all the stress out, then i came home and do some abs:) Gonna watch Pride and Prejudice 2 morrow:)

This next week will be a really good one, we only have to work monday-wednesday (PAY DAY), going on wednesday to a bday party @ Shannan's :) On friday i will go with my mom to the 7 monuments, it's a tradition we have, we visit 7 different churche's this day each year:) On sunday is the baby baptism, we will have the family at the ceremony and then going to have a very private lunch:) I'm also getting the baby a bank account, jejeje i want to start his savings account i think is a great idea:)

Got to go now, going to bed and sleep, the weather is really good now:)LOVES

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